Confused about which stream to choose after 10th?

Which stream is best after 10th? This is the biggest dilemma parents face when their children are about to finish Grade 10. Many children are certain of what career they want to pursue and the choice becomes obvious. But there are students who aren’t sure about what they want to pursue yet. 


While what stream you choose after Grade 10 can open many doors, it can also mean closing the path to a few. This shouldn’t deter you though. 


If you look around you’ll realize that doctors are pursuing careers in administrative services, and people from various walks of life are successful entrepreneurs. 


Each field is evolving at a spectacular speed and life presents many opportunities to change direction. It may not be worth fixating on a specific career. 


But the fact that a choice has to be made, remains.

Most national and state boards offer three choice of streams after 10th Grade: 


  • Commerce: Available subjects are accountancy, economics, business studies, mathematics, informatics practices 

  • Humanities: Available subjects are history, geography, sociology, political science, psychology, hindi, sanskrit 

  • Science: Available subjects are physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science and biotechnology 


In Cambridge IGCSE, the options are a little different. Children can choose 7 to 9 subjects out of the following:


  • Art & Design

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science

  • Combined Science

  • Co-ordinated Sciences

  • English Language

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • German

  • History

  • Mathematics

  • Physics

  • Spanish


These subjects are grouped under 5 heads:

  • Languages  

  • Humanities and Social Sciences  

  • Sciences  

  • Mathematics 

  • Creative, Technical & Vocational  


A minimum of seven subjects can be chosen keeping the following in mind:

  • Two subjects should be from the language group

  • One subject should be from each of the other four groups

  • One more subject could be from any of the five groups


For details you can visit the details on their website.


There’s no perfect way to go about choosing what to study after Grade 10. But here are a few ideas that can help.


  • Explore: Gauge what is immediately interesting for your child, or what ideas they come up with. Help them explore subjects, introduce them to various subjects and you could also try taking online quizzes to find out which subjects pique their interest. Here’s a free and a paid quiz. This will help you align their interests with the subjects they would enjoy learning.

  • Work backwards from their goals: If your child has a concrete idea of what they want to do when they grow up, it should be fairly easy for you to arrive at which would be an ideal stream for them. You have to work backwards and introduce them to the subjects they would require to study to get there. 

Deciding on the academic stream doesn’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of career avenues today, no matter what your child decides to pursue.