The Origin Of My Acting Skills

by Ujjwal Karamchandani

May of 2018 is special for me. That's when we had our biannual school concert. I was acting in the play and that was the start of my love for theatre.  


Those participating in the choir and dance were having fun. But a few of us, who were part of the play were very nervous, including me. I was playing Duchess Dinagaling, one of the protagonists of The Pied Piper of Hamlin by Robert Browning. I wasn't nervous because I was going to perform in front of a thousand people. I was more concerned about turning my performance of the Duchess into a mermerizing one. 

The hard work paid off. I stole the show and was famous for my part. 

I remember how happy my mother was with my performance. She was proud that I had taken on the challenge of performing a woman's role and done such a good job. We were teased a lot in school for playing a woman's role. It's a boys school after all. 

But I had ignored the jokes and concentrated on my character and making sure that the audience had a good time. Capturing an audience's attention is far more rewarding than winning a souvenir. You know you've captured an audience if they remember you because "we miss only those whom we forget, but we remember those whom we never forget." 

Theatre was simply a hobby when I started. But now, it's a passion. I hope that my passion soon turns into an obsession so that I can become a better artist. 

Ujjwal loves to dream a lot. He wants to try his hand in the field of acting, sports and entertainment. He believes it's better to give his dreams a shot than living with the repentance of not trying.

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