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Want Your Child to Study Better? Here's How

Openhouse is pioneering Active learning in India, to help children learn their academic concepts through projects, experiences and simulations.

"Active learning" is a style of learning that emphasises the importance of participation and activity from both the student and the teacher. This way, students learn from their own actions, from their peers and from their teachers.


Think of the difference between Rancho and Chattur from three idiots - Rancho is a product of learning actively!

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Parents, we hear you!

Early in 2021, we surveyed 230+ parents on their pains related to the current education system in India. Here is what we learned:

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Enter: Active learning!

At Openhouse, we modified to a new style of learning that focuses on teaching through projects and activities. Here is how we teach:

For every subject, we include different activities to understand concepts.


For example, we use Sketch pens and origami to understand volume and surface area in Mathematics.

And we make an ice cream stick and rubber band harmonica to understand phonics in Physics.

We also mix household chemicals to understand Chemistry.

And tap on glasses to understand vibrations in Physics.

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We teach students in classes 6-12th all major subjects for ICSE, CBSE and IB boards. Come join us to see the magic of project-based, Active after-school learning!


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