Will board exams get cancelled in 2021?

It’s rare to see the words “exam” and “happiness” in the same sentence.

There are exceptions, like the last day of the exam. It fits the bill.

Have you ever had your exam dates canceled or postponed?  That's unexpected and the initial reaction is a mix of confusion and happiness. Confusion because if you are supposed to take an exam, you don’t know what would happen next, and happiness because you get the illusion of having more time to prepare for the exams. Although you have to go through the pre-exam stress again.

This year has been special because of the rumors around “will the board exams get cancelled?”

Unlike the board exams in 2020, it's less likely that the same amount of chaos will repeat. 

We uncovered some unique thoughts and challenges that's on the minds of students and teachers', this exam season.

Students' reactions on the rumor of board exams being cancelled in 2021:

Most students we spoke to weren’t aware of the petitions or news around board exams being cancelled in 2021.

Some of them mentioned that offline pre-boards should have been conducted before the main ones, to get a feel of what's to come. They agreed that it’s still a health hazard and hopefully all precautions will be adhered to. Students also feel exams are necessary because they themselves aren’t confident of where they stand.

Challenges and tips for the upcoming exams from a student's point of view:

Students echo the same thought as most teachers; writing is the number 1 challenge. Here are 3 key tips students shared:

  • Practice writing, because it has been non-existent all year

  • Study strategically and what’s required rather than attempting to learn new things

  • There’s no more time to waste

will board exams be cancelled in 2021_

Here’s what teachers said about the rumours about board exams being cancelled in 2021 and the challenges that last year brought:

The rumor mills won’t hold up according to teachers. It’s highly unlikely that the board exams would be cancelled, primarily because:

  • Admissions to higher courses and classes will have no ground without the results of the 10th or 12th board exams

  • The central examination authorities have already declared the dates

  • The pre-boards have already been conducted, which signals that the exams are on their way


Even though teachers and students have interacted online throughout the year, most teachers aren’t aware of how well their students are prepared for the boards this year.

When asked about challenges, teachers mentioned that some students had genuine struggles with classes because of internet connectivity and some took advantage and “engineered” issues to avoid classes.

Assessments aren’t easy for teachers with online exams. Most experienced teachers have a sense when students have used unfair means while taking online tests, which makes judging student’s preparedness a challenge.

Handwriting their answers will be a major challenge; a point both students and teachers agree on.


Parents also have started panicking with exams being right around the corner. They are realizing childrens studies didn't enough attention because of the chaos of work and children studying from home. This adds on to the stress of exams for children. Read our tips to de-stress during exams that will help you and your child be better prepared for the board exams.

Teacher’s tips on what students should focus on now:

Students writing their exams should try and not panic, because it doesn’t help. Teachers are advising their students to practice what’s already been taught, and solve question papers of previous years to get an idea of the important areas they should focus on.

Here's wishing everyone writing their exams the very best!