Dear students, don't stress about exams and marks

Dear student,

We know that you're giving exams or preparing for exams. You're thinking a lot about marks, studying hard in the hope that you score well. Your marks are important to you right now. And it can feel like your marks are all that matter.

Maybe your teachers are telling you that good marks are a guarantee to a good life. Maybe your parents are also saying the same thing. We get it. We know that marks matter to you. In the current education system, they do matter.

But this letter is a quick reminder of the things that matter. And of all the things that marks don't measure.

Marks are a means to an end, not an end in itself. They are a short term goal. Good marks can take you to a good college. But you will still have to study. And a good college will get you a good job. But you will still have to work hard. Nobody will ask for your school marksheet later in life.

If you score badly on a test today, it's okay to feel bad. But there will come a time when you'll be able to look back and laugh about it.

exam report card

Your marks do not determine how smart you are. They do not determine how kind you are. They do not determine how much fun you will have or all the brilliant things you will do in life.

And while you are studying for your exams, remember to enjoy the journey. Ask questions about what you're studying. Watch a documentary about Hitler and find a video of a Shakespeare play being performed on stage. Remember to not just learn for an exam, but to learn for life.

Read Aakash's poem about marks. He performed it at Openday, a day where we celebrated learning:

The first thing that every child is told,

Is that marks are as precious as gold

So keep studying day and night,

And refrain yourself from playing soccer and flying kite

The child feels himself to be in hot water

As difficult phrases and complicated sums are a continuous bother

And the rest of the subjects seems to be a tremendous horror

Maths, a subject filled with equations and sum,

Makes my body completely numb

Huge sums, slight error

Reduces marks to a great measure

Then comes History and Geography together

Which acts as a marks suppressor,

And adds humungous pressure

Then comes Science which splits

Into biology, chemistry and physics.

We get to know about the concepts of heat and light

And how cells work by the help of electrode and electrolyte

But nothing goes into the head

We feel tired and go to sleep in the bed

But when we get rid of the pressure of marks and study for knowledge

There is a rise in our overall percentage

We go through improvement, and concepts become clear

Effortlessly our marks become better year after year