Educational gaming? Say what?

Haven’t we all cursed Math or science at least once? Why study science, when we can do better in the field of applied arts? Why study math if we want to pursue a masters in English Literature? 

But if there is one thing that every student has to master, it is the art of mastering life skills. Life skills needn’t be forced upon children. In this competitive world a child requires to be able to stand up on their own two feet. Preparing your child for the competitive future out there is tough but not impossible. Educational games for children can help develop essential life skills.

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The question eventually comes down to ‘how’ instead of ‘why’. Here are a list of educational games you and your child can play: 

Sudoku- Most of us are still confused about how to place the right number in the right place aren’t we? Sudoku is one of the most popular numbers games ever to be introduced. It induces quick thinking skills and encourages one to think logically. Sudoku helps increase one’s ability to problem solve. Problem solving adaptability is a life hack that helps people think critically.  

Minesweeper- In Minesweeper if you took one wrong step, you were dead. The preconceived notion is that it is a game of luck. In truth, Minesweeper needs logical analysis to hack the code. There are a set of algebraic puzzles that need to be cracked. Once a student gets a hang of the logic they learn to give a logical reason before making a click. A student learns to take rational decisions because there is a consequence to every wrong and right step.


Crossword puzzles- Crossword puzzles are the go to game when it comes to making your vocabulary stronger than a brick. Inculcating this habit among children helps increase their memory power. Crossword puzzles develop a sense of interest among puzzlers and it improves their communication skills. It challenges students to wanting to learn more. What is the answer to 4 down and 6 across?

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Word search - Word search increases language fluency. It reduces the chances of committing spelling errors and overall helps develop communication skills. It makes a student more curious and cautious of each move they take. A treasure hunt of words is one of the best games ever invented.

Monopoly- Although minimal, Monopoly introduces one to the basics of finance. It teaches students to be calculative with every move and gives them a simple understanding of the business world. It also gives them a virtue of unpredictability and uncertainty. It helps students adapt to the concept of prompt decision making. Children also learn to negotiate deals based on their convenience. Would you like to buy a house at Old Kent road or Pall Mall?


Developing life skills is a need of the hour, it is never too late to develop a skill. Yes, finishing the curriculum is definitely important but challenging your own mind to do something better is empowering. 

Educational gaming for children is not only fun but helps children adapt to various changes around them. It helps them develop social skills as they begin to admire the uncertainty of events. By playing such games they learn to engage in conversations that are meaningful. 

At a young age, children tend to be very curious about the world and games help them acknowledge their curiosity even more. Educational games for children have a huge scope in developing a child’s behavior. It plays a great role in building their attitude towards the world. So play on!