Judgmental You

by Dishita Goyal

Why are you so judgmental ?

To judge my each finger move

Your eyeball stuck at me everyday

Can't you just remove?

Does it makes you happy to judge each of my decisions,

To judge every step I take ?

Can't you be just joyful

At even a single decision I make?

Why you so judgmental?

When I follow my dreams

I know you cannot help yourself from judging

even if I'll have my last scream

Why you so judgmental?

To judge every cloth I wear

Pointing out my skin color and weight

And the way I do my hair

You laugh, you disrespect,

you mock at me each passing day

Why do you say I'll have a bad clock always?

You call me fool, you call me mad,

you call me unlucky, you call me nerd

You sometimes kill me with your piercing sword like words

You make me sad, you make me heartbroken,

you make me tearful, you make me depressed

Not only me, there are many who have in them this fear suppressed

But don't you worry, there are a lot who proved you wrong

When you screamed out loud that your opinion was strong

They broke your norms

They resolved your doubts

Through their success, they

Have always shut your mouth

A day will come when I too will achieve victory as I walk

To tell you cruel society that your mouth looks like a green eyed monster whenever you talk!

Dishita is a 17 year old from Mathura. The four things she can't live without are music, reading, traveling, and watching movies. She is studying at the Romex International School.

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