Learning about learning from Harry Potter

Hogwarts is probably the coolest school in the fictional and the real world. Flying cars. Fascinating animals. Quidditch games. The chance to duel with friends. Classes where you brew potions. And the most amazing campus to explore.

Who wouldn't want to study there? And who could ever imagine that school could be so much fun?

Hogwarts breaks a lot of myths about education and we put together a list of everything we learnt about learning from the Harry Potter book.

  • Learning by doing is the best: Magic is all about learning by doing. Make a feather fly in class. Or turn a rat into a cup. Even if you know the spell, if you don't say it right and swing the wand in the right way, things can go wrong. You can only learn by practicing. And students love learning by doing. Remember the class Professor Snape took on werewolves and how much everyone hated it? Writing an essay is one way to learn. But actually experiencing the lessons is so much better. 

  • Asking questions is never a bad idea: If someone tells you not to ask questions, run in the opposite direction. When Hermione asks Professor McGonagall about the chamber of secrets, she doesn't ignore the question. She tells them the story as it is. Nothing bad can come from asking questions.

Hermione, learning from Harry Potter
  • Read things outside your syllabus too: Okay, this was mostly Hermione and the famous "don't you two read?" scene in the first movie. But reading things outside your syllabus is always a good idea - you never know when it might come handy! It could be a book on handwriting analysis or something you read about how vaccinations work.

  • You don't have to be good at everything: Ron is not the student who sits on the first bench, takes notes and knows the answer to everything. But when it comes to chess, he is an absolute pro. When the trio have to play wizard's chess to get to the philosopher's stone, Ron literally saves the day. There will always be some things you're good at and some things that you're not good at. That's okay.

  • You need sports. You just need it: Can you imagine what Hogwarts would be like without Quidditch? It's impossible. Playing sports is such an exciting part of school life. You get to train with a team and make friends who have your back. Of course, in Harry's case, Fred and George literally had to prevent badgers from hurting him!

  • Learning is better with friends: Remember the time Hermione was teaching Ron how to correctly say 'Wingardium Leviosa'? You don't always learn from the teacher, sometimes it's the person sitting next to you in class who knows how to help you when you're stuck. Just imagine how boring it would be if you had no one to sit next to in class. Learning is always better with friends around.

Let the Harry Potter binge begin!