Baby steps towards a better society 


Our mission is to build a better society by creating powerful communities. We believe visionaries are not born but nurtured. So by redefining how the world learns, we empower students to become thinkers and leaders. Changing society, one child at a time. 


At Openhouse, we think of education differently. We believe education is about empowering students to become the individuals they want to be and enabling them to find their place in the larger world. 


By acknowledging that each student is different and on their own journey, we design holistic and active learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. We innovate inside our classroom so that our students can become changemakers outside it.

How we learn ?

For students to have a vision of the world, they need exposure to a multitude of experiences. Our online platform is designed to make learning interactive even in a digital world. We design active learning experiences because we believe that students learn best when they are engaged and interested.


We go beyond textbooks and prescribed syllabi to link the classroom to the real world. We ensure that what they learn has long-term value in their life, beyond the purpose of exams.

We are just as invested in your child’s education and well-being as you are.