Palpitating skylines

by Olipriya Roy

Sun rays drenched window sill, 

Old shadowed canopy. 

My amnesiac lover dreams of skylines. 


Miniature bottles of long-forgotten memories and tired dreams from mid-summer siestas. 

My skylines are rich and drowsy with poppy. 


Delicate china and dull heartache. 

My lover has long forgotten how to taste. 

Honey covered shortcakes, relax and palpitate. 


Napalm and armies, blurred skies of gray

Wisps of cotton abetted by the day.  

My lover likes to watch clouds drift by laying on his bed. He dreams of everything but me.   

Delicate ringlets of soft curls, my lover smiles whenever he sees pearls.

The decadence of thick mist and afternoon harsh hurls.  

My lover has a dream, a dream to die in front of my lives

And I have a dream, a dream to not let my lover die 

Olipriya Roy is in Class 12 at DPS Newtown. She loves to read, write and cook. She is a plant mom and her favourite poet is Sylvia Plath. 

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